Ariane Goerlich, DVM

Chief of Staff

Dr. Ariane Goerlich is originally from Munich, Germany and is the Chief of Staff at Main Street Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Goerlich attended German Gymnasium for her Baccalaureate and majored in Biology and French. She later went on to obtain her DVM from Veterinary Faculty of Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Germany and is an ECVFG Graduate of Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine. Aside from preventative care, her interests include acute and chronic pain management, physical therapy and rehabilitation, urgent care and emergencies and ophthalmology.

Dr. Goerlich has a seven year old Stabyou, Rimke, a one year old Border Collie, Mylo, and two long hair cats, Loki age 5 and Louie age 9.

Dr. Goerlich enjoys competing with her two dogs in DockDiving, Agility, Nose-/Scent work, Obedience and Rally Obedience as well as Barnhunt and Lure coursing and Trick performance). Rimke holds over 100 Titles, is a double Champion and has finished AKC Dock Diving National Championships with a 2nd place!

Dr. Ariane Goerlich, DVM